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Advanced Sewing Machines



As an experienced sewer, chances are you incorporate more complicated techniques such as embroidery into your projects and require greater precision for the work you do. An Advanced sewing machine from The Craft Depot is exactly what you need to make the most of your advanced sewing skills.

An Advanced sewing machine will enable you to create professional looking patterns and projects. Some of the features found in an Advanced sewing machine may be:

  • A larger working space for large sewing and embroidery tasks;
  • A touch screen on the machine may offer high-resolution graphics or even 3D representations of designs. Some Advanced sewing machines even offer the ability to customise and edit designs directly on the machine's screen;
  • An automatic and extra high pressure foot lift allowing for thicker materials;
  • Lighting which can be adjusted in terms of intensity and colour to take into consideration your individual surrounds and the colour of the fabric being sewn;
  • USB connection allowing you the transfer designs easily between your Advance sewing machine and your personal computer, laptop or tablet device;
  • Thread snips that can be programmed to cut in sequences and which automatically cut the top and bobbin threads while pulling the thread end to the wrong side of the material

Advance sewing machines are more expensive than Beginner or Intermediate sewing machines but for the serious sewing enthusiast the convenience, creativity, efficiency and technical features more than make up for the additional initial cost outlay.

At the Craft Depot we stock a range of Computerised sewing machines including those from leading brands Bernina, PFAFF®, JanomeElna and Singer®.

free-shipping-small-horizonal.jpgClick on any Advanced sewing machine model image below to explore our Advanced sewing machine range at the very best prices available. We have provided specific information on each and every Advanced sewing machine model that we stock to ensure that you find the sewing machine for the right purpose and most importantly; the one that is right for you.

After selecting an Advanced sewing machine model below you will be able to view specific information pertaining to that exact model and discover:

  • Useful Features
  • All Included Accessories
  • Warranty Information

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